Whether its in-home or in-school, Speech TLC Consultants can provide children personalized language services in their natural environment.

Services we offer


Using standardized tests, oral language samples, and written language samples, the clinician pinpoints the areas of receptive or expressive weakness and develops goals specific to the individual child.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy helps children to speak more clearly by eradicating misarticulations, reducing dysfluencies (stuttering), or improving vocal health to diminish vocal nodules.

Language Therapy

Language therapy helps students to better understand spoken and written language (receptive language) as well as to communicate effectively (expressive language).

Tutoring Programs

Our tutoring programs can help children improve in all areas of reading, spelling and writing. Specific programs are designed to help with sounding out words, reading smoothly, comprehension, spelling, correcting reversed letters, writing sentences, paragraphs, and long essays.